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Disabled Passengers

At Network Warrington, we are committed to making our services accessible to all existing and future customers.

We constantly try to make improvements and are always open to hearing any suggestions about how we can make our service more user-friendly.

Vehicle Accessibility

We always aim to meet the standards required by the Disability Discrimination Act for access to buses. The Disability Discrimination Act sets standards for all buses used to operate local bus services to be wheelchair accessible and conform to other related accessibility criteria, such as entrance step height and seat spacing. 

All of our buses are made up of low floor 'kneeling' buses, thus meeting the DDA legislation set by the Government.

All of our wheelchair accessible vehicles include:

  • Ramped access
  • Level or gently sloping floors
  • Tactile and brightly coloured stanchions/bell pushes
  • Wide seat spacing
  • Priority seats for senior citizens

Mobility Scooters

The aim of Network Warrington is to provide accessible transport to all and, as a result, all of the vehicles currently in operation are compliant with the Passenger Service Vehicles Accessibility Regulations 2000 (‘the Regulations’).  This includes rear facing wheelchair spaces which are designated as priority for wheelchair users and specifically designed with the relevant safety equipment, including backrest, to allow for safe travel for wheelchair users. 

Network Warrington does not currently accept any type of mobility scooter travelling on its vehicles owing to health & safety concerns, both for the user and other passengers.  However, Network Warrington are currently in the process of reviewing this policy, in conjunction with the Warrington Disability Partnership.  During this review period, we would like to take the opportunity of apologising for any inconvenience that this may cause to our customers.

Fluorescent Passes

Fluorescent passes are available from Warrington Borough Council for you to flag up to the driver when you signal for a bus to stop.

The driver will then know that you need the access floor lowering for you to board the bus and will therefore act accordingly.

Familiarity with Buses

If you have a disability or a sight impairment, you are welcome to visit the bus depot by prior arrangement and board one of our buses to feel its interior.

We hope this will give you confidence in boarding the buses and talking with our drivers, so that you will be able to get around Warrington more easily in future.

Last updated: 25th April 2017

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